Keep Going

Keep going. Keep growing. Growing in a positive way for you and for others, too.

Keep going. Keep growing. Growing in a positive way for you and for others, too.

“Determination gives you the resolve to keep going in spite of the roadblocks that lay before you.” – Denis Waitley

One of the meditations I have been using is from Deepak Chopra and is ‘My body is a magnificent vehicle that connects me to spirit.’ I believe this. I really do. And then I don’t. These patterns run so deeply that they are about impossible to change. I know because I work on them all the time.

Years ago, when I was first introduced to Theta Healing, I made and kept several appointments with Melinda Lee, a well-known Theta Healer. After some basic work, we discovered I had about every money program running within me; those things that affect us even when we know better in our minds. The patterns formed from childhood, like, ‘money doesn’t grow on trees,’ ‘the more money you make, the more you spend,’ ‘girls can’t be successful,’ things that were accepted and kept deep within myself. Melinda and I spend a lot of time working on shifting those patterns on a cellular level. I was so inspired that I went through the training to become a Theta Healer myself. I found it much easier to work on others than to work on myself and recognize that some patterns still run strong and deeply within me.

In my mind I know these patterns are not true. I know they make no sense and do not apply to me, but they continue to affect me. I also believe money and relationship issue are connected.  When money is an issue, so are relationships and vice versa. I know this, but it does not change just because I know it.

If one of my friends, said the things I think, out loud to me, I would be very quick to comment. I would naturally say something to change the energy, to correct the incorrectness of negativity and lack of belief. I can’t abide it in my friends, and those I love, but looking in the mirror, I see it. It is the me I have been and will only not be me, if I continue to make the efforts to be a better version of myself. This is a daily path and some days, days rich with disappointment and sorrow, it is a moment by moment choice to keep going. Determination to succeed, to be whole to be of true value to myself and those around me,  keeps me going. What others see in me is a direct reflection of my inner world.

My inner world is one of growth and a desire for beauty.

My inner world is one of growth and a desire for beauty.

My outer world, reflects my inner world. Deepak Chopra

Keep going. There are those who care about you whom you have never and may never meet. The insensitivity to those around you is to be accepted for what it is, a reflection of the inner world of those people, which tends to be rife with fear. Fear is a rough taskmaster. Fear makes people say and do things they may not mean, but cannot help. Acceptance does not mean what is done or said is okay, it just means you recognize that things are what they are and there is nothing you can personally do to change the way they are so you accept things the way they are. Now when there is nothing you can do to change something and you accept that, you can choose what you will do moving forward. You can control the amount of time spent with someone whose behavior is unacceptable. You can choose to eat healthy when those around you are not. You can spend time alone instead of with people making dangerous choices. You do have control over yourself, whether you choose to exert it or not. I’m exerting it as I am the only person responsible for me. I will keep going, through heartache, through sorrow, through disappointment. Namaste’


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