Dare to Thrive

I come from thousands of years of love and courage.

I come from thousands of years of love and courage.

It is not the critic who counts. It is not the man who sits and points out how the doer of deeds could have done things better and how he falls and stumbles. The credit goes to the man in the arena, whose face is marred with dust and blood and sweet, but when he’s in the arena, at best, he wins and at worst he loses. But when he loses, he does so, daring greatly. -Theodore Roosevelt

There are plenty of things in life that put us at risk. We have dangerous food, water and air, which is pretty ridiculous, if decision makers want functional workers. If you believe the media, our homes are not even safe. Good reason not to watch, read or listen to the news.

Then there are the nagging programs running within us from our faulty upbringings, poor decisions and all manner of crap we have lived through that cause us no end of problems in our lives. We feel guilt and shame and humiliation and pots of fear and that is the human condition we all deal with daily. So? So what? So, it’s killing us. The levels of stress in this day and time are killing us. I’m frankly, quite out of patience with it.

It starts with ME.

It starts with ME.

When we find things, that we can use as tools, we owe it to ourselves, to use them. Really. We deserve to adopt new habits for our lives. We really need to do these things for our self care. Then we really need to be there for our girlfriends, too. We know what it is like, so when a girlfriend calls and you are in the middle of something, can you pause and listen for a few minutes. You know simply listening is so cathartic and healing. So do it for a girlfriend when she calls. Just listen. I bet you both find you are better off afterwards for taking the time and making the effort so we all can thrive. It is a daring thing to do. Do it anyway. Namaste’


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