So Frustrating

tlp_im2I obviously still need to listen to the Listening Program consistently. I actually wrote a researched and cleverly written blogpost about that last Friday. God knows where it went. I cannot believe I did such a beautiful job and didn’t save it correctly. It should have posted Monday but it didn’t. So this is what you get instead. How I feel when life is overwhelming and reminding me to use the tools I have to get through it. I need the calming classical music of Sound Health. Or I need to be able to concentrate or feel motivated or just relax, which are just a few of the albums available in this ABT product line.

tlp_overview_left_06Mostly I need to listen to The Listening Program weekdays. It sits right here on my desk to remind me. I’m listening to album 3 today, but I often do when stressed. I find it calming. It soothes my jangled nerves. And they do get jangled for this and that reason.

I highly recommend this listening therapy. I have blogged about it since January 2010 when I started sleeping through the night, something I could not remember doing in my life. I have talked about the benefits I have gotten and those of many others I have met and spoken with. You can feel free to ask me for more information or look for another certified ABT provider in your area. I and many who are trained through ABT are also distance providers and can work with people most anywhere. I would check it out if I were you! I really makes a difference when you have the right tools in life!


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