What Is That?

PerceptionSome days I like to read or watch, things I collect during the course of a busy week. With so many social media friends and connections, myriads of amazing bits, of this and that, pass across my computer screen, in a week and I take quiet bits of time to enjoy them and pass them on.

Today I am up early, at my son, Alex’s home in Murray Utah USA, where I am visiting, for a bit. It is a good time to watch this and that video, read one and another article and pass them on to you, for when you carve out a few moments in your day to enjoy something positive, thought-provoking and/or inspirational.

As a parent or guardian of a child, patience is a primary attribute to have and to develop. It is a big world out there and so many things to learn at every turn. But oddly enough, as we get older, oftentimes the roles reverse and patience becomes a primary attribute to have and to develop, so our children can deal with us, too.


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