Dealing with the Dark Clouds of Depression-Shared Post

62595_520748101304805_1696313036_nThis is a copy of an hour long talk by Buddhist monk Ajahn Brahm, wherein he shares how Buddhist perspectives can help with depression. Depression is so pervasive in the United States and elsewhere, effecting so many lives, that an hour long message of hope seems appropriate. Enjoy!

“With many of us having at some point either suffered from depression, or known someone who is affected by it, it has become a very serious side effect of the society we live in.

Of course there are many causes for why people become depressed, however one reason it’s become so prevalent is because of the increasingly high expectations both we and society place on ourselves.

In this video, Buddhist monk Ajahn Brahm, discusses some of these causes, and offers a Buddhist perspective into how we can learn to shift some of the mindset that contributes to us experiencing prolonged periods where we feel low or depressed.

We felt this talk offered some valuable insights into how our thoughts and beliefs are linked to depression, and also how we can try and free ourselves from its dark clouds.”


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