It’s a Loaded Word=Communication

Starting right now, I am communicating more correctly.

Starting right now, I am communicating more correctly.

It may not be easy, but communication among humans is critical to life. There are 5 words you can use to make every communication work well for both you and whomever you are communicating with at that moment. If you both or all will apply these 5 words to every communication I shudder to think how the planet might shift on it’s axis towards world peace.

Here they are:

1. Be Clear ~ Using the best words you can to communicate with clarity, say what you want to say.

2. Be Honest ~ To the best of your available knowledge, only say what is true.

3. Be Accurate ~ Say no more, nor no less, than what needs to be said.

4. Be Compete ~ Leave nothing out that is necessary.

5. Be Kind ~ Be thoughtful, gentle and loving in your word choice, timing and tone of voice.

If you will be Clear, Honest, Accurate, Complete and Kind (CHACK ~ so you can remember) you will find your ability to communicate with clarity, be understood and to get clear accurate responses back will improve dramatically. If you look this list over, pondering each word for a moment you will see the distinct differences they each bring and how they all work together to create smooth communications. You will also see, how leaving one or more out can create havoc in your communication.

This practice removes emotional spin which is a grand tool to misdirect, control and manipulate. When we are always honest, only saying what we know to be true, then share this truth accurately, the spoken truth has a power innately expressed. When we clearly speak in complete thoughts, we leave nothing to chance, or interpretation or the deadly, reading between the lines and the dreaded jumping to erroneous conclusions. When our voice only speaks through kindness our intent is to share, not to hurt. Communications become pure.


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3 Responses to It’s a Loaded Word=Communication

  1. thejoshcross says:

    Well said! Would you mind clarifying the difference between being clear and being accurate? I can see some differences, but it seems like those two may be combined into one. Although that may sabotage your acronym. HACK and CHCK don’t quite have the same ring to them.

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  3. roxycross says:

    Here is some clear and accurate clarification for you:

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