Is it Below or Under?

Shooting hoops with one brother while another one shot our pix.

Shooting hoops with one brother while another one shot our pix.

It has been nine years and three days since the car wreck that changed my life. I used to think it was the car accident that wrecked my life, but who knows. Everything changed that day and it has stayed changed. The traumatic brain injury effected so many brain functions, I lost abilities I never even considered. The nerve damage effected my ability to be touched, even by my youngest child. The soft tissue damaged to my neck kept me from being able to do many things and nothing without pain. The collection of headaches exacerbated the pain issues as did the TMJ, and injuries to my hips, ribcage, wrists, thumbs and knees. My whole body hurt and nothing worked right from that day on, without a great deal of professional care. The hot toned body I had for all my life up to that point eventually morphed into the body I have today. So back to my knees…

Lovely sketch of the inside of a knee getting arthroscopy, which I have had twice.

Lovely sketch of the inside of a knee getting arthroscopy, which I have had twice.

After nine years of therapies of all kinds, two surgeries and some of the most painful things I have every been through and remember, I have given birth nine times, the one thing that still gives me issues is my right knee. In fact, as I am writing this, my knee is swollen, I cannot straighten it or put my weight on it and I am back on crutches after letting them gather dust for 2 years. Sucks.

The point of all this is not to complain about the chronicles of my chronic issues, but to share the difference in using the best word in my language, english, to express myself.

If I tell you I feel pain under my knee cap or below my knee cap, does the pain move for you? Under? Below? Where is that exactly on a knee? Is it inside, even behind my knee cap? No, because then I would say, ‘behind my knee cap.’ However, if I am laying down, then behind my knee cap would be under it.

Not good.

Not good.

If I say the pain is under my knee cap and I am standing, that could create confusion. But if I am standing or laying down and say the pain is below my knee cap, odds are good, you will picture it between my knee cap and the front of my shins, which is where the pain is.

Who cares where the pain is? Well, I do, because I am dealing with it. But the point is how important it is to be able to say what you mean and to have the person you are sharing this information with understand you, simply by using words.

Little messages

Little messages

So much of what we communicate on a daily basis is via short text and instant messages. We hardly email any more and when is the last time you hand wrote a message? I have hand written many messages this year, because I send cards and thank you notes and had a lot of reasons to thank people this year.

If all we have is 140 characters to express a thought, we best make sure we are using the absolute best word for the job. Job. Task. Chore. Activity…  assignment…  operation…  situation… you get the point. Point. Message. Notice. Memo. Word. Werd.

I can do this all day.


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