You Cannot Stop War with War

Being the Change

Being the Change

In response to my last blogpost, I am asked: If Hitler comes to your community, wanting to round up both you, your family and your friends to send to the oven . . . . You’re just going to nod quietly, accept it . . . and send forth “good chi” wishes to the universe? . . . . I don’t get that. Pls explain.

Seriously doubt Hitler type energy could get that close to me and if that is your response, I would ask you to look within to what motivates you and why would you respond that way? Where in your body to you feel that pressure? Is it fear? What kind of fear? And why?

Make the JumpWe each have intuition we can tap into to create healthier responses for ourselves.

In answer to the above question, though, I refer to James Hilton, who wrote in the 1930’s, when the ‘warstorm’ comes it will be best to be invisible and humble, so of no interest.

I admire Mahatma Gandhi, who, by peaceable means changed the world he knew to something new and unknown to his time and place, so it could never go back to what it once was.

When I was a kid, occasionally people in the religion I was raised in, would ask, ‘if you were in movie theater and a gun brandishing person came in and said, ‘stand up if you believe in Jesus, so I can shoot you,’ what would you do?’ Would I stand up for Jesus under those circumstance? Or any other reason, other than to save another human life, hell no. That is an asinine example, they used to make a ridiculous point.

I would, no doubt physically ‘fight’ to protect my life and others, too, in fact, I have, and quite fiercely.

However to promote a war-based society, I choose not to, ever.

It will never work.

You cannot stop war with war.

It’s history.

I am a peacemaker. *(See blog title.)


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