Thoughts Become Things

Thoughts become reality. If you think it, it will happen. Worry is negative prayer. You draw to yourself, that that consumes your thoughts.
A friend asked me about Chapter 11 in Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich thinking it is New Agey and he’s not sure about all that stuff.
More than new agey it is quantum mechanics and quantum physics and works. the challenge is finding all the programs running deep within you that have nothing to do with conscious thought. I’ll let you think about that. But here are the clues: If your child says, ‘I need braces,’ what are the first thoughts that race through your head? If your partner says, ‘We should move to a nicer house,’ what thoughts are the first to hit you? If a pal asks to borrow $25,000 but they aren’t sure when/if they can pay you back, what goes through your mind?
Not things like, ‘Hell no,’ ‘You must be out of your mind,’ or ‘Don’t be ridiculous!’ More like, ‘Money doesn’t grow on trees,’ ‘Do you think I’m made of money?’ ‘How hard would I have to work to earn that much money?’
You may really be surprised at what surfaces. Once you have a bit of a list, there are ways to dispel them.
I went through extensive training and am a certified theta therapist! Try finding info on that, that makes any sense! It is simply a process of going into theta brain waves, on purpose, to affect immediate or fast change, even on a cellular level. It was costly and time-consuming training and I have taught many people how to do it themselves to be empowered with their own health and well-being at a mere fraction of the cost.
Are you familiar with kinesiology? It is a method of testing your body as the body does not lie, fabricate or qualify truth. You can find out about your health and base beliefs through muscle testing and it is quite fascinating actually.
Now you may think this is of the devil, but I assure you it is science and it works and very simply, too! And I work on people remotely as we are all connected and do not need to be in the same room.
Not New Age, not religious, not voodoo, but science. Just science.
Aren’t you glad he asked?!!!
#10 on NH’s list is ‘Truth is truth, regardless of a closed mind, ignorance or a refusal to believe!’
Originally Published on: Nov 10, 2009 @ 16:23

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3 Responses to Thoughts Become Things

  1. It's unfortunate you even have to defend such things – but yes, I have found the same things that you have.

  2. It really is amazing at how powerful thoughts can be.When you focus on something enough, you'll find a way to get it, to make it a reality. The Wright brothers wanted to fly and look where that got them!

  3. Roxy says:

    Ah but our numbers are growing as people step out of comfortable places and into adventures of an intangible kind! Then they find everything is tangible! Sounds aesoteric but it is very real! What are you thinking about today that will give you your tomorrow?

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