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This blog post was originally Published on: Dec 27, 2009 @ 20:56

It is good to go back and read what you wrote at some previous time, if nothing else, to see if you are progressing in life, or still complaining about the same crap. For the most part, I see progress and that feels good. Here is the original post with the addition of new pix:

Dear Reader,

Heading into the New Year, thinking about how you got here and why and how and what? Me too. Good time to consider who we are and where we are going. I was born Deborah Lynne States, then took the name of my first husband, Cross. Another marriage after those 23 years and I had the last name Snider for a whole 18 months. After that divorce, I took my children’s last name back, instead of my maiden name. My friends re-named me Roxy a few years ago. Sooo, Debi States became Deborah Cross became Deb Snider then Deb Cross now Roxy Cross. None of my names came from me. And given a choice, what would I do? Leave it for now as it seems to work for everyone!



I already have (had, as in a combined all 3 and only blog here now) 3 blogs. A personal one, Next!, one about my sons Boyz,, subtle difference in the url. And I have one on Word Press that is not so user friendly to me yet, about feeding the homeless and growing plants and stuff, Why another blog?

What I have been asked to share is what I’ve learned in life. I’ve been told I’m brave enough to live transparently, sharing to help others. I don’t feel so brave thinking about it. My life has some scary parts. People tend to keep those to themselves. Although the scary parts are what threw me into this journey and I suspect I’m not alone in that.

For Jenn and Jodie as my girlfriends become more important to me the older I get.

For Jenn and Jodie as my girlfriends become more important to me the older I get.

If I choose to share my life experiences out loud and the subsequent choices I’ve made to improve my life, my hope is, that bravery will be rewarded by helping someone in need. That is something I’d be all over! My personal motto for over a decade has been, ‘Make a Difference.’ I do it every day, all day long. So here I go, making a difference hopefully for you, Dear Reader!

I send messages all the time from various social media sites and I hear back from people who needed what I say. Their notes make me cry. The only reason I share, as I mentioned, is to make a difference and when that happens, I am so touched. Thank you. I have been writing and saving my thoughts on my computer, but it is apparently time to share publicly.

Happily living life with Roger!

Happily living life with Roger!

Starting this blog, a rather transparent one, today. I will share the issues I deal with and how I got to this point. Then I will try different things to improve my situation and blog about the journey, good or not so much! I really hope it helps people in their struggles. Life is not all that easy for anyone, no matter what it looks like. Anything and everything we can do to lighten the load, can only help others and those in their circles and perhaps only subtly shift the earth swiftly towards peace.

Love ya buckets, Roxy


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