Live our lives out loud!

Whole big planet

Whole big planet I keep thinking about the line in this video about someday living our lives out loud. With billions of people on this planet, we can celebrate our differences, not expect everyone else to believe and be just like us. Just like me.

How dull would that be if everyone had 9 kids? If everyone were divorced? If everyone had lived with wealth and poverty? If everyone kept a cheerful disposition who would I cheer up? Who could I help with my experience if you all had the same experiences? Who could I congratulate on their marriage, anniversary if you were all divorced like me? Or if we were all the same age? How could I learn what is ahead for me to prepare and who would need me to help them through a trying time? And if we all believed the same ideologies and philosophies?

This might be interesting if we were all peacemakers but what if we were absolutely not? We would be at odds til the last man standing, as has been done over and over throughout history. Well perhaps, if we were all to be alike, we could choose to be peacemakers, celebrate our diversity and share. Co-exist and live together. Then we could live out loud. Be who we truly are living transparent lives in a gentler, friendly community planet.

I’m taking a moment to envision that for us all today. I picture us living together in peace and harmony. All of us. My friend Tawn has a bumper sticker on her car that says, ‘God bless us, everyone, no exceptions.’ I may not feel comfortable around those who wish I didn’t exist because of my color, gender, or choices but I can wish blessings on them for softer hearts, kindness and peace

Can you picture it too? If we all live out lives out loud and picture peace we can draw it to us.

Originally Published on: Nov 9, 2009 @ 15:27


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2 Responses to Live our lives out loud!

  1. Roxy says:

    Wrote this this morning and tonight I see this! We are on to something!

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