A Coast to Coast Road Trip

I have been talking about a coast to coast road trip for awhile now. Is it really time to plan it?

As I live in Eugene OR currently, my plan was to drive to the Oregon coast and start from there. Depending on the time of year, I would drive to Florence and then back through Eugene, on through Bend and eastern Oregon, Idaho, through Salt Lake City, hit Interstate 80 and be on my way! Staying on I-80, I would go through Wyoming, Nebraska, Iowa, maybe stop and visit my brother Mark, Illinois, where I would stop for a bit to visit my friends from back in the day, where I grew up in Chicago and the suburbs.

Chicago Trip July 2013 My hometown

Chicago Trip July 2013 My hometown

I planned my high school reunion with some friends and made a lovely trip to Chicago out of it in July 2013. Now I am eager to go back again!

From Chicago, I would be off to see Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania and New York, which is where I-80 ends. Somewhere in New York I would start seeing things I have never seen before, as I would finally be somewhere I had never been.

Oregon Coast

Oregon Coast

Then I thought to start my trip I could drive to the Oregon coast and go north then follow the Columbia River for a more scenic beginning. Living in Oregon has been quite interesting as the flora, fauna and weather is different from what I have been used to, living in the Rocky Mountain West most of my adult life, but I remember humidity and damp cold from my Chicago days. The 2 years I lived on Monterrey Bay gave me a taste for ocean air, so going up the coast would be a lovely way to start my trip.

Road Trip

Road Trip

I started thinking about going from one end of the country to the other and realized, at some point in my life I have seen almost all of a trip along I-80 and wondered how I could mix it up to make it more interesting. I’m going to blog and vlog about my trip, and tweet and post along the way… you know I will check in to Foursquare, sharing locations and places I visit and probably post reviews on Yelp of places you really should check out when you are in the area and it’s been some time since I have seen some places, but… what else could I do?

Florida Baby!

Florida Baby!

It occurred to me that I could wander down the eastern seaboard to see beautiful places I have never seen, like Connecticut, Delaware, and the Carolinas. I could revisit our nation’s capitol and Maryland, Virginia, Georgia and Florida. In Jacksonville, I could get a massage from my brother, Adam, the personal trainer and massage therapist and see the city he calls home.

From Florida I could cross the country to California, through Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana, states I have never seen. Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California I have seen, but not all the parts I could drive though and then what if I didn’t choose the Interstate Highway System? What if I chose the back roads like Highway 30 and Route 66 or better yet… what if I took Amtrak and left the driving to professionals!?! Then all my time could be in taking photos and videos and absorbing this great land and sharing it with you?…



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