More Wisdom from Connor

Learn then Teach

Learn then Teach

My wise son, Connor said our auras are made up of our ideas and our identity. He said our ideas become entities within our aura, effecting us.

I believe that because I understand thoughts become things and thoughts cause things to happen. I wrote a bit about it on a page of my website you can read here: Quantum Physics and Intuition.

Next Connor talked about the devaluation of our old values. I’m big on this one. I have removed many values from my life, that I was raised with, that do not work for me and who I am.

Just keep getting back up

Just keep getting back up

I’m fairly certain a lot of ideas and concepts I was raised with were originally based in fear, causing judgement and elitism. I choose not to live my life in fear. I certainly choose to not be elitist and I am working on removing judgement from my character, too.

As my son talked, I saw the application of his words in my own life. It makes me smile now to think about it and I surely appreciate my youngest son, calling to share with me what he is learning, while working on himself! I needed the message, too.

Who do you want to be?

Who do you want to be?

Now something important to do, when you remove something, that no longer serves you, is fill the hole it leaves with something that truly does work for you!

The point is that when you thrive the world thrives. When I thrive, we all thrive. The work we do on ourselves, does effect those around us and the concentric effects reach out to the whole world, making a difference that only helps us all.

I encourage you to work on becoming the best version of yourself that you can. It will benefit you and all of the rest of us too. So thank you!


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