Everyone has Issues

Oh but they needn't be...

Oh but they needn’t be…

It’s a simple thing…

Be nice to others.

Just realize everyone has issues and that includes you.

Your words are very powerful. Use them wisely.

Words start as thoughts. Control your thoughts and you control your words.

You can start by using your thoughts and words kindly, for yourself.

Make a list of 10 amazing things about yourself. Tomorrow add 5 more things and do this every day, for a month.

You may have a tendency to add silly things to your list. That’s okay.

You may find lots of negative things popping up. Ignore them. You are doing something kind and generous and loving for yourself, for one month and there is no room for the negative.

This will get easy and may be the best thing you have ever done for yourself.

And you may find it much easier, to be kind to others.


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