Make that Lemon into an Omelet!

Make that Lemon into an Omelet! Oh here she goes with a wicked Monday morning message again. Yipes! Mixed metaphors and other offenses! So, yah, turn your lemons into lemonade or lemon pie, or use lemons to make savory vinegar, like I do. But don’t let the sour things in life, ruin any part of your day.

It’s not you. It really is them.

So the omelet didn’t flip nicely. Who cares! Scrambled or not, your eggs still end up in the same place… the toilet, so don’t waste life fretting about them.

Moving on here… how bout you?

Oh, and I do not believe in failure. There is only living and dying. As long as you are learning, you are living. When you stop learning, you are on your way out. It’s science.


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