I Am Safe

All is Well in my World. How 'bout yours?

All is Well in my World. How ’bout yours?

I have just been thinking about this and that, which can be a problem, but not so much today because it’s all good!

The entire time I owned my silver sky Toyota Tundra I felt safe. I never worried about our physical safety in an accident, nor did I give a thought to things not working and leaving me at the side of the road.

Now if you have known me awhile, you I actually had a few incidents in the aforementioned Tundra, but the point is, I didn’t worry about that. I expected her to run and she, mostly, did. And then I sold her last December. Do not let it be said, I never form unnatural connections to inanimate objects, because I still miss my princess truck.

But getting and losing things is not really important when what is of real value is within me. I am a naturally happy person and I like to spread that around. So your challenge de jour is to smile. Right now. Do I have to tickle you, cuz you know I will! Ask my grandkids! Better still, ask my kids of grandkids if they want to be my buddy! Get back to me on what they say, oh and smile…


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