Kindness First

Kindness Trumps Everything Else

Kindness Trumps Everything Else

Ya know, I’m not always sure what exactly to share here. I just know I like to pass on the things that help me in life. There are lots of those things, many of which are not obvious. And others are.

You’ve heard of kindness. Sure you have. Perhaps you have been on the receiving end of the kindness of someone else.

Maybe you are kind to others. I especially like the kindness of strangers, which is why I like to be kind to total strangers, best of all!

I just spent an entire weekend with two of the most wonderful, powerful, inspiring women I know, The Judith Conrad, an Intuitive Spelunker and The Sarah Vest, who pretty much walks on water. I am not sure how I lucked out to be their pal, but I’m sure glad I did! We had such a grand time and everything we did had meaning!

We connected with other women in three other towns on our weekend of adventures and may I say, I sure hope we see or hear from Chalice, Debbie, Ricki, Janet and others again.

And my challenge de jour for you is to be especially kind to yourself. Write yourself a note as a reminder if you need to, but be gentle, kind and thoughtful to yourself. I would do it for you if I were there, but I’m not, so handle that for me, would ya?


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