A Life Worth Living

Precious moments can just pass you by...

Precious moments can just pass you by…

Life is made up of special moments. And they do make it worth living. If you have been on this planet for any length of time, the odds are you have had a few challenges, crisis and/or catastrophes to deal with bravely, or not so bravely. The do not indicate that your life sux, they simply are what happens in life.

And in the meantime, there are some super fantabulous things that happen that you can miss altogether if you are too busy whining and boobing about something that sux.

Get over it. Let it go. Look through some of my past posts here to see some things that might work for you.

When my youngest kids were still little and oh so cute!

When my youngest kids were still little and oh so cute!

The point is, that while you are spending all this energy being wound up and going slightly insane, life is passing you by and precious moments are unseen and gone forever.

What? You want an example? Well here is one. One second my son Trevor was the sweetest little toddler, so smart and inquisitive an the next thing I knew he was married and leaving way too far away. I’m a mom. I have a bunch of these.

And then they got bigger!

And then they got bigger!

One second I was running my high school aged son, Josh, to work in crappy weather, and the next thing I knew, he was living in freakin’ China, teaching Chinese pre-schoolers music and art and such. Since I’ve been working on keeping these posts shorter, I’ll stop at two out of nine of my kids.

And then there are the personal things like, this lover of dancing, chose not to take any dance classes in college as it seemed like a waste of the dad’s money. What a ridiculous thing to do! Take a dance class! Take an art class! Learn a new language and go visit some place new! Take to a stranger! Be kind and generous with yourself! Do not miss any more precious moments!


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