Gurus are People, Too

Don't worry, be happy! And spread some cheer, will ya?!

Don’t worry, be happy! And spread some cheer, will ya?!

No matter who you are or what you do, you are not on this planet living a perfect life. As a human, you are entitled to your fair share of catastrophes, crisis and just plain old shizz. Write books, speak in public, be interviewed live on air and for print, release CD’s, get your face on the cover of magazines and whatever else, your little heart desires and you will still get crap for breakfast from somebody somewhere.

My point… if icky things happen to people who sure seem, to us, to have their shizz together, who are we to think we are ‘less than,’ when stinky life events get us? Being a mere mortal is not an easy task. And nobody came with a handbook and when you hear anyone say, they have the handbook with all the answers, RUN!!!

Who is doing the shifting? Better be you so you aren't left behind!

Who is doing the shifting? Better be you so you aren’t left behind!

Me and my little circle are looked up to and actually get paid to help others, and rather consistently at that. It’s not a big surprise. We all came to this place, via various paths of ridiculous shizz, and pots of training and active practice of same. We earned to be here helping others and individually and collectively we help people everyday and have testimonials and not a few stories to prove it. And life hands us shizz samiches, too. Big ones. Consistently. We are not immune. We are also unafraid of sharing them and sharing what we do to get through them, quickly, clearly and effectively.

There is a purity in living a transparent life. I highly recommend it. Oh, and living transparently means others are going to see your boo boos, so make less of them, purposefully, and pause before saying and doing stupid, hurtful things you cannot undo. There ya go. From one guru to another. You’re welcome.


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