Mommikins, Mumsy, Mutti

So here’s a picture of me and my mom when I was months old… quite awhile ago! Like a different century actually. Moms and their daughters… it’s a theme this month-ish! Have I mentioned how much I miss my mom, still? Sheesh! She should still be here. We should be hanging out and doing things. She should have been here when my marrige dissolved and when my kids got married and when here other grandkids were born and just to hang out with.

So that is not possible. The next best thing, me making time to be there when my kids lives seem to be in shambles, or when they are completely excited about things or just to hang out.

Gotta start writing about the funny things they do and say so you can have a clear picture of the life of Roxy and clan! Like when 5 of us are all talking over and around each other at once and responding to each other and some poor girlfriend, say, Kami, is stuck in the middle trying to figure out how we can do that! Poor thing, doesn’t have ADHD up the wazoo like the rest of us. Wonder what it’s like to be normal?

(Retro Blog Post)


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