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Share your Opinion for Positive Change

Share your Opinion for Positive Change

As resistant as I am to many of the things the national educational system promotes, compulsory attendance is not one of those things.

Unless a child is in home-school, which has it’s own set of rules, children should be compelled to go to school and I wish it was clear through high school graduation.

In Utah where I raised my kids, they were not required to go to school when they hit their 16th birthday.

This was a problem, especially with Ute tribal kids who dropped out in droves when they turned 16, in addition to students coming from homes with lower incomes.

If they were headed to some kind of great educational or even a career preparatory experience it could be okay, but these kids dropped out and for the most part did nothing.

They did not even have jobs to keep them busy and the social repercussions were great, let alone the impact this has on these kids and society, for the rest of their lives.


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2 Responses to Go to School

  1. Roxy–You are SO RIGHT! We need to be professionally “educated” up through our 20’s!!! The brain isn’t even fully developed until we are 24!!! I’d LOVE to see a BETTER Educational “system” set up in EACH of our local Communities, that is more Community-Based; Free Community Classes taught by experts–Each child having a teacher to Guide them through their education. Each teacher would have about 10 children to guide for 5 years each. Kids would start “getting educated” and guided into THEIR Best Field of study–that which they are going to be BEST AT–starting at age 3. Each child gets a “teacher”–guide to take them the next 5 years. A community “council” that are trained to see potentiality in a person–maybe doing a birth chart/star chart on each child, “reading their hands”, prayer–tuning into THAT specific SOUL and what they are hear on Planet Earth to DO, or Share would know where/how to Guide that Child/Soul for their education. And they have a “chart” kept on each child. Then they hire the Teacher Guides:
    So the child starts “educating” at 3, their teacher takes them into exploring the world around them until 8–using music, dance, rhythm, nature–kind of like Montesorri or Waldorf. Then another Teacher Guide takes them another 5 years–through learning the basics of science, math, languages, cultures,geography, art, etc. through hand’s on experiments, music and more exploration–also helping out in the community gardens, etc. –but more sit down too. Lot’s of reading–and exploring the world in books, movies, etc. Then when they are 13, they have another Teacher Guide to take them the next 5 years–to age 18. From 13-18 they do a lot of hand’s on “apprenticing”, and more focus on what they are showing signs of being good at. At 18, they go OUT and “explore the world” through service to other communities.
    For example, they go and help build orphanages in Africa, or serve a church mission (the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is right on with this–the boys go out at 18, the girls at 19–and they grow so much through service and having to live 24/7 with a “companion” and learn to get along and take care of themselves–out there!), or join the military–something that gets them OUT into the world, OUT of themselves and INTO service of their fellow-earthlings.
    These ideas have come from dreams as well as a life-long study of “schooling”. Private schooling, public schooling and homeschooling my own 5 children. What do you think?

  2. roxycross says:

    I’m going to post your comment as a blog post! It’s full of wonderful ideas to get a discussion going for real change!

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