To the lady ashamed of being pregnant with her fourth

As the mother of 9 children who are all over the world doing amazing things, and the oldest of 11 children, big families are a lot of love and support. I wonder at my little grandchildren, of which I only have 10 so far and what it must be like for those little guys to grow up with so much love and support, from multiple generations! From this perspective, it is unfortunate that those who have so much to give in the way of the better things in life are choosing to have small or no families. Who is populating the earth, with what skills and mindsets? However large your family is or isn’t, make a positive difference in the lives of others every opportunity you have!

Tales from the Mommy Trenches

I met you in the elevator on my way back from the pediatrician’s office. It was just me and Wren, and you looked at her fondly in her stroller. When the elevator doors opened, you very kindly held the doors open for me. As I clumsily maneuvered the stroller past you, I accidentally ran over your foot. “Don’t worry about it,” you assured me over my profuse apologies. “I have three children myself,” you revealed to me. My eyes traveled to your big belly. There was an awkward pause as I wondered if I could assume she was pregnant. “And I’m expecting my fourth,” you admitted. “Congratulations!,” I tell her. “That is wonderful!” I see the relief spread across her face. “Thank you!” she says, and I could tell she meant it. “You have no idea how many people offer their condolences when they find out this is my fourth…

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