Let it Begin with Me

You make a difference everyday.

You make a difference everyday.

It is 13 Days until International Peace Day, where we focus on non-violence for one whole day… One Whole Day… Just One. What are you doing to bring peace to your part of the world?


If you have the power to change anything at all in this world, you have the power to change yourself. You can be a peacemaker. It is all up to you. If the world has enough peacemakers, the energy of the whole planet will shift.

You do make a difference.

Be Kind

Be Kind

To change oneself to improve, is one thing, but to be something or someone you are not, to appease a broken societal system is incorrect. After my divorce, I swore I would never be someone I am not, to make some stupid man comfortable. (I, like any recently divorced person, was not a happy camper, at this point.)

What I found eventually is, it is very hard to break a bad habit, I had from how I was raised, within a culture.

When you put so many people, from so many diverse cultures, together in a melting pot, that doesn’t mean we will all melt nicely together, or that the resultant meal will taste good to everybody.

What is your intention for today?

What is your intention for today?

In thinking about this, for a visual, I thought what if you took a dominant spice or flavoring from different cultures and put them all in a rice dish sauce. It might be a good way to think about the challenges of getting along, with such different beliefs and traditions.

So, let’s make a rice dish and in the sauce let’s put pepper from India and cayenne from Mexico and lemon grass from Viet Nam and salted plum from Japan and ginger from Nepal and vanilla from Madagascar and curry from Sri Lanka and fresh oregano from Greece and some basil from my garden and sprinkle some cinnamon from Brazil and some Chinese 5 spice and although all these flavors are delicious and some blend nicely, all of them together will taste nasty.

Be a Peacemaker!

Be a Peacemaker!

It takes effort on the part of all of us to blend together wisely and appreciate and celebrate our differences.


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