Peace and Atheists

Czech RepublicThe 8 best countries to be an atheist is probably something you never thought about. Popular thought is atheists don’t believe in god and those who do believe in god, may find that scary. However, an original meaning of atheist is one who does not believe in man’s teachings of who god is. That is quite another thing from some false picture of manic, satan worshiping godless heathen-type crap, the word has morphed into. ( I can only assume this false picture was created to label those who rebelled against things like domination, control, manipulation and unrighteous dominion.

DenmarkThe fact is, those who consider themselves atheists, who I know, are far from the popular picture. The atheists I know are quite peaceable and worth sharing a bit of information about for clarification purposes, if nothing else.

There are countries that are war-like, I live in one, and there are countries that are peaceful, I would like to visit.

Stockholm City, SwedenI hope you enjoy the article and the music video from Jason Mraz, linked above. Could we call 2015 the Year of Peace? Could we each focus on being better versions of ourselves and being kinder and more gentle on this planet? Without judgment? Just let go and let live and send love? I’m in.


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