Be Happy Wherever you are!Ya know, I talk about peace, and being peaceable and bring peace to the earth and there is so much that can go into that.

Including happiness.

Being happy is so key to a healthy life.

I believe happiness is a choice.

I believe that so much that I don’t even have to add the above disclaimer.

You've gotta open that door to HappinessHappiness is a choice.

You can choose to be happy.

I DARE you! (Sorry for yelling!)

So there are places on earth that are happier than others. People have done research about it. It might surprise you to discover why the happiest people on earth are happy.

Happiness____by_punkshitsI highly recommend a couple of documentaries. Even if you have been them before, watch them now, or soon, because you deserve to be happy, too, ya know.

Watch Happy, the movie!

And watch I Am, the movie!


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