And Another Thing…

when-one-door-of-happiness-closes-another-one-opensHelen Keller, such a wise woman, spoke of opportunity and doors opening and I have been thinking about that a lot lately.

This time of year and my time of life, are really good times to take a look at life to see what worked and what isn’t working. That opens the door to change.

I like change.

Ask anyone who knows me!

I’m not only not afraid to change, I’m rather exuberant about it! Seriously! Ask anyone!

Gypsy Blood?I wondered if I had gypsy blood, (to go off on a tangent), so I did a DNA test through Groupon. It didn’t give me my ancestry. I will have to pay $200 to find that out, but it did use DNA markers to connect me to my ilk. (Look it up.)

Although, I though I had way more German in my than English, Irish and Scots, I aligned the most with Ireland! Big surprise and a nice one! Anyhoo, this tangent needs to end so I can get back to the important point of this blog post…

It is so easy to get mired down in the sadness and grief of the loses in our lives, which is not a healthy place to wallow. How can new good stuff come into your life when you are busy with the crappy parts?

Something new and wonderful is always about to happen!I’ll share a personal story to illustrate.

Years ago I dated a man named Steve. We had a lot of fun together and I thought things were going well, when he fell off the earth. He did not return calls or texts and I don’t chase, so the whole relationship ended abruptly and life moved on.

Months later, I got a call from Steve, asking if he could talk to me. It was 8:30 on a school night but I said, ‘sure’ and he said, ‘good, because I’m parked in your driveway!’ Yipes!

Without a moment to primp I went out to Steve’s car to see what he had to say.

Counseling Rocks!He told me that dating me had thrown him into counseling. Well. I’m betting that’s not the first or last time dating me causes that.

Steve said as he and I got closer, he realized he was still in love with an ‘ex’ who had dumped him brutally, but, well, it happens. We continue to love the wrong people hoping things will change, don’t we!?!

When Steve expressed his concern that he could not let himself ‘fall’ for me, his counselor told him, “You can not put the new shiny Ferrari in the garage when the jalopy that doesn’t run is still parked there.”

You can always dance.What a great analogy for all kinds of things in life! When we can’t let go of crap, or as I like to phrase it philosophically, when we can not let go of that which no longer serves our higher purpose, there is no room for the good stuff.

Letting go, may be the healthiest thing you do all year, this year.

Happiness is in your own Hands!I highly recommend you look at people, places, things, ideas, habits, etc, that now longer serve you and LET THEM GO.

YOU deserve to be happy and this crap is just weighing you down.

Let go and move along, my friend!


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