Let go and move on!It occurred to me today, while I was writing previous blog posts, that I have read and heard all kinds of good things in my life that did not sink in or connect until much later.

It is still a good idea to keep reading and listening, even if things are grabbing you at the time.

There is truth everywhere.

Let goBits and pieces of truth on all kinds of levels all over the place. It’s in commercials and movies, books and videos and especially in song lyrics.

The thing is, you have to pay attention and something magically happens when one day, what you have heard a bazillion times, sounds fresh and inviting, and you welcome it into your life! Bammohh! It’s your truth now and you wrestle it to the ground and make it your own.

Your happiness depends on letting shizz go.So I heard people say to let things go. Let go of the nasty things others do and say. Let go of the neglect and abuse you have felt. Let go of the resentments you have built up over time, due to real events. Yah, I was not so good at letting go of resentments.

However, after 4 years in Al Anon and some counseling and working with a great Life Coach and having amazing girlfriends give me the straight truth, I softened and was able to start letting go of that which no longer serves me. I can let go of people who do not further my higher path and for sure, those who hamper me.

Only let the good ones in!I’m still on that process. I saw family members I have not seen since my father died this week and their past behavior did not rankle me. I wish them well and I don’t even add, ‘god knows they need it.’ Okay, I guess I did just add that, but hey! I’m still working on this!

Let go. If I can do it, so can you. There is no relationship in my past that I pine for. There is no excuse that will let some people back in to my life. And this year is about me getting my life where I want it, so there isn’t room for any shenanigans from anybody else here.

Just start. Let go. It opens doors to new and healthy shizz...I’m letting go, again, some more and then even more and it’s healthy and cathartic.

You could try it too. I highly recommend letting go of everyone and everything that does not support you on your very important life path.

Can I get an ‘Amen’?


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  1. roxycross says:

    I have to comment on my own blog post! I wrote this awhile ago and scheduled it to post today, not knowing today, I would needed it!!! But, duh, everyday I need to let shizz go. It amassed over time, and doesn’t magically disappear. It takes time and consistent effort. This morning, driving into the valley, I was thinking about how happy I am. I mean, I am naturally, a happy person, which is a great way to get through the crap life hands me too often, but happy is my default setting. In addition though, I’m happy because of how I am spending my days, and with whom and doing what. I find myself smiling just because and I’m eager to get up and moving out the door now. After working from home most of the last 4 years, I’m spoiled. My work revolved around my life not the other way around. This morning I read a piece of mail that was so cold and business like, coming from the person it came from, was disturbing and I started to slide down that slope to anger and resentment, but I don’t want to live there any more. So I stopped at a Starbucks, to use a gift card and am treating myself to my green breakfast. Spinach feta wrap and green tea latte and I’m chatting with you. Because my life is making me very happy and I’m not going to let some left brained, punk who lives in fear, dictate my mood and outlook on life, nor effect my attitude for long. I’ll relax, read a book, E2,(that’s E squared) and think about the new friend I made last night, at the opening to a new restaurant, Even Stevens Sugarhouse, owned by friends who treated me to dinner last night. And I will know that the prayer I wrote years ago, asking that doors close gently behind me to those things, people, places that no longer serve me, is working and I just got proof. Life’s good. Equilibrium is returned and all is very right in my world.

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