Get Your Happy On!

October 18th, 2011 I posted Our Happy Place list on Facebook. It’s still in my Notes if you want to look it up and see all the pix in there.

Yah, I'm still posting Josh pix...

Yah, I’m still posting Josh pix…

It started when, some of us were compiling a list in a conversation thread of the things that make us smile. Here is what we started. Please add to it! If you can have a few of these in the back of your mind, you can pull them out when life gets freaky and shift the energy!

And the pix at the bottom, random posts from the last few wears of things that make me smile with the memories.

I, for one, cannot be upset when I say, Wasabi peas out-loud. It is just funny.

Here is a photo that captured TheJosh's aura.

Here is a photo that captured TheJosh’s aura.

Wasabi Peas

wet puppy kisses

the smell of a newborn

sound of birds singing
sun on my face

Pop Rocks

Your happiness depends on letting shizz go.losing another pound

drinking water

Michelle LaFave

bubble baths with candles and music
a great read

walking with my tunes

swinging in a hammock

motorcycle rides to wherever just because

Let gobeing in a boat on a lake


sitting in the grass

good chocolate

champagne tickling my nose


You can always dance.learning what a button on my computer does

being a mommy

the perfect latte

a kiss so deep you feel it in your toes


Eyes red sports car

Bubble Gum

Scented Bubble Bath

Mom and Dad

a great work out


Flying kites

Happiness____by_punkshitscoloring a picture

walking in the sand

sitting in front of a bonfire

finger painting

Cotton Candy

running a river

Listening and being listened to...

Listening and being listened to…

looking deeply into your lovers eyes

Listening to a little kid tell a story

a hot shower

reading old cards and love letters

Looking at art

Making jewelry

Wandering a Farmers Market

a beautiful drive

Just enjoy this moment

Just enjoy this moment

Getting a good deal on a purchase

Receiving a compliment

Truly helping someone

playing with a Slinky

Swinging in a park full of kids

Visiting a friend


Learning something new

Girlfriends are the best!

Girlfriends are the best!

Chatting with a BFF on the phone

Saying BFF, OMG, LOL out loud!

getting an excited phone call from a friend

The druel bucket on SNL-70’s

The Monkees music

opening a gift

I caught you a delicious bass.

I caught you a delicious bass.

going to a concert

Jumping out of a airplane

Coffee 🙂


A good wine with friends

Not waiting in line

Diet Dr Pepper

Regular Dr Pepper

It starts with ME.

It starts with ME.

watching a favorite movie

holding a baby

smelling lilacs

getting a love text from a friend

Waterskiing on early morning glassy water, outside the wake on a turn leaning inside with spray. It has been forever but I still dream about it and wake up smiling!

I come from thousands of years of love and courage.

I come from thousands of years of love and courage.

Changing my life

looking through old pictures

Seeing other daring women

Learning from blogs

Writing in my gratitude journal

Planning a trip with friends

Eating an apple


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