Letting Love In

10292520_311179099033559_36750797602600692_nThe Chinese language has hundreds of words for ‘love’. That makes sense as there are so many kinds of love. My youngest daughter and I used to play this game of ‘I love you more than fill in the blank. ‘I love you more than chocolate,’ I would say. ‘I love you more than the world,’ Danica would say. ‘I love you more than my truck,’ I said. She would gasp at the enormity of my love for her.

The Princess Truck

The Princess Truck

It was a fun game, and the point was to let her know she was more important than, what she perceived to be something I truly loved… my Toyota Tundra, with her bed-liner and comfortable seats for road-trips and how safe she kept us in our travels and yes, I did love my truck and actually still do and miss her…

When Danica was a baby in 1995...

When Danica was a baby in 1995…

But when my son, Alex, called to tell me he had been in an accident in my Tundra, his concern was how upset I would be about the truck damage. So odd to me. How could this amazing 16 year old think I would care more about my truck I loved than my son I love more and differently?

Alex the talented son in the middle of my family.

Alex the talented son in the middle of my family.

As a dear friend explained once to an idiot who thought I couldn’t have room in my life for anyone else to love when I already had so many children to love, ‘love isn’t like a pie that you cut into ever smaller slices so each person gets a tinier piece. Love is unlimited and the more you give, the more you have to give.’ Wise Amanda Gifford who was 21 at the time, I believe.

With all the kinds of love there are, I’m thinking we could be lavishing on others and tossing it hither and yon, willy nilly. And then, of course, we can let more of in into our lives, too.


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