This Girl isn’t so Crazy

Or maybe less crazy now and more grateful for what I do have...

Or maybe less crazy now and more grateful for what I do have…

Reading through an older post today I have to recognize how life has improved since then. I post the rough spots so my readers won’t feel so alone when crappy things happen in their lives. And I post words of hope and of things that help me on my life journey in the hopes these tools may help others, too. And sometimes I should post simply to share that I got through that rough patch and have hope for my future and when things are flowing along in a sweeter fashion. Like now. So here is what I wrote last February, one day when it was all too much and I actually got very angry!

“We each need to let our intuition guide us, and then be willing to follow that guidance directly and fearlessly.” – Shakti Gawain


I’m working on it. Just when I thought things were calming down and getting into a nice groove, life came along and upset my little apple cart. And not in any way I could have anticipated. Seriously.

So today I found myself unreasonably angry. Really angry. Like I haven’t been angry before and I did not like it one bit. I got a headache, which has been happening for days now and the recognition that this was the nth day of said headache, I had to stop and consider.

You’ve heard me say, my life has never been a picnic, but shouldn’t it lighten up at some point? Shouldn’t all the years of toil and trouble create a lifestyle that works? I know I deserve it. Good god, if anyone does…

Not everyone plays nice on the playground. Dont play with those who don't.

Not everyone plays nice on the playground. Dont play with those who don’t.

And here was this anger exploding all over inside of me and why? Why I asked and then I knew. I’ve held it in for years. Focused on everyone else around me.

This last week of stress shoved me over some edge and I couldn’t take it any more.

I wanted to rotate my tires so I could take this 3 day weekend to run to Oregon to get my bike and my planters and such, at least everything I could fit in my car. I had it all mapped out and had some trip money in the bank. But Noooooooooooooooooo, my tires are too worn and need replaced, so new tires means no trip money. And I heard Becky’s voice in my head, ‘Whenever I get money, someone takes it away from me.’ One money pattern running inside of me. (Thank heavens for EFT!)

It's exhausting some days. too exhausting to capitalize letters.

It’s exhausting some days. too exhausting to capitalize letters.

Then I thought, well if I can’t go to Oregon, then at least I’ll join the county rec centers for $130, now that I’m 60 and go work out my frustrations. Only on January first of this year, they upped the age to 62 and raised all the rates too. I have been angry for days over this as it is now out of my reach financially.

And every sweet apartment or house I find is out of my budget. I can’t find anything decent I can afford and feel safe in and I wondered how is this possible when I could do it with this same income years ago raising my kids? But it doesn’t work now. I’m $1000 short every month, if I want to live in my own place and afford health insurance.

Should have been nicer to me. I will talk about you soon...

Should have been nicer to me. I will talk about you soon…

So no wonder I am so effing angry. Pissed. Frustrated beyond all. There just aren’t words.

And then I thought of my counselor in Oregon, Clint. He taught me the terms hyper-vigilant and I think the other term was hyper-alert, or something like it. It’s how people approach life, who are terribly afraid live. And I’m back there again and it’s because of money and the lack thereof and it’s horribly frightening and I don’t know what to do.

Josh makes me smile. This photo from China is awesome!!!

I wish I didn’t need to be tough, though…

So, I came home, made dinner, finished watching a movie, painted and drank a beer. Two words: Murphy’s Stout. Took the edge off. Perhaps with a good nights sleep, solutions will come with the dawn, which is when this will post.

Sometimes, you just have to stop and do simple things to recuperate from the stresses of your damn life. If this sounds all too familiar, I feel your pain and now you know, you are not alone.

062515-So you see, life was beyond challenging for some time, and now I see light at the end of the tunnel and I didn’t get here all by myself. I have tools and I have stellar friends and I’m pretty damn awesome myself!

If I can do it, so can you and you really are not alone.


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