ASometimes music shares much better than anything else. Music is an integral part of life in the Cross Clan. We are singers and musicians, composers, dancers. Me and my kids. They are all a bunch of independent, fearless daredevils and it feels miraculous they are all still among us, all things considered.

I understand Sarah McLachlan wrote this song after reading about a fellow musician ODing. Drugs are bad em-kay. I hate that people I love suffer with addictions. I see it affecting so many people I care about on social media. And those of us who love those addicts, stand aside trying to live our own lives without worrying. It’s a challenge. There are all kinds of addictions, but the test for me seems to be, what do you do that tries to kill you? Because it sure looks like addictions have only one purpose and that is to destroy the addict while dragging the rest of us in the periphery down the dark hole, with them.

“Everyone knows Sarah McLachlan’s iconic song “Angel,” if not from her extensive catalog of classic hits, then from those really touching SPCA commercials where the singer lends her voice to stop animal cruelty.

In a question-and-answer session penned on Quora, McLachlan revealed that the song is not written about or inspired by an animal, but by another musician.

Jonathan Melvoin was the keyboardist for the Smashing Pumpkins before his death after a heroin overdose in 1996.

“I wrote “Angel” after being on the road for almost two years straight and was both mentally and physically drained,” McLachlan wrote. “I went to a cottage north of Montreal to relax and write and read an article in Rolling Stone about the Smashing Pumpkins keyboard player who had OD’ed in a hotel room.”

She continued, “the story shook me because though I have never done hard drugs like that, I felt a flood of empathy for him and that feeling of being lost an lonely an desperately searching for some kind of release.”

McLachlan said she wrote “that song in two days.”

“Angel” was released in 1998 and landed on the top 5 in the Billboard charts. It was one of the most successful songs of that year.”

This post lets you know you are not alone, in case you thought you were…


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