My Chiropractic Physicians

The healthy, pre-wreck me!Thinking about the many chiropractic physicians who have worked on me since my car wreck in 2004. They brought me back to life pretty much! Drs Ken Andersen, Larry Ziegler, Kristina Stitcher, Cynthia Daw, Bill Nielsen, Jay Watt, Jeremiah Hoopes, Brian Lundell…the list goes on and on, on the that one.

Jay Watt is responsible for giving me range of motion back in my neck. Jeremiah helped me get back on my feet because of my knees.

And Ken got rid of the godawful TMJ, headaches and sprung ribs. Felt like I was being stabbed with a broom handle. Couldn’t breathe there, it was so painful.

Something like this

Something like this is my knee now.

Horrid couple of years there. 3 surgeries, nasty medical procedures, nearly bled to death, no exaggeration. Spent a $10,000 weekend at McKay Dee Hospital so they couldn’t find any reason for my high blood pressure.

Dealt with constant pain and then got off pain meds as they cause their own damage and issues. Discovered homeopathics and herbal remedies. Such a journey.

tlp_overview_left_06Couldn’t think straight or string coherent words together, when I used to get paid for being witty! Lost my ability to do sequential numbers. Used The Listening Program from Advanced Brain Technologies in Ogden, Utah for a lot of the Traumatic Brain Injury and nerve calming stuff.

I have nothing but compassion for car accident victims and am personally grateful, mainly for chiropractic care and massage therapy, and then physical therapy and all kinds of other therapies I tried over the years. It really took a team.

Hang in There

Well, I’m not doing this, but I’m glad I Hung in There and got Great Chiropractic Care!

Crazy how injured a body can be and then heal. Give your body what it needs and it heals itself.

Now my intent is to become more physically active like I used to be, drop some excess poundage and feel more fit. I used to work out with weights all the time and was pretty ripped. I danced, ran, ran rivers, chased kids and all kinds of stuff. It’s time to test the waters. I’m on a roll now, Babies! Hear me roar!



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