Some Questions to Ask Yourself



I guarantee your ego will react to this…

Ask yourself:
Am I safe?
Am I in danger?
Do I need my ego protecting me right now?
Does my ego need to be in charge to keep me safe from harm and death?
Do I need my ego right now in my life?
Is being in ego helping me move forward with my life and what is truly important in my life right now?
Any combination of these questions will get a reaction you can feel taste touch.
The thing is the ego is critical to life preservation in circumstances we rarely face now and yet we still let it rule us. We let it rule us in times where it has no place. We do this ought of habit and patterns. Society and our culture encourage it, yet it does not serve us. At all.
Consider focusing on getting out of your mind and into your heart. What can you do that will help you lose track of time because you are so in the the moment enjoying yourself , those near and dear to you and life in general?
I understand what a challenge this is for you right now. I truly do. I also believe we met for a reason. You personally have triggered all kinds of epiphanies for me and opened my eyes to this and that. I am very grateful. You know things I didn’t know yet.
My intent is to be that for you, too. Get out of your head. For a minute. For an hour? A day. A whole weekend. Maybe for good. You won’t believe the difference in your heart and soul when you do. Your ego will fight it like crazy. Ego has to be in charge. Thank it and move on when you are ready to feel better. It will work. I promise.
Play games, hike. get out in nature, cuddle, color, something creative, relaxing food prep, soaking in a tub, tickle fights, smelling flowers, fill in the blank with things that make your liver smile…
I dare you to give living in your heart a chance!
Notice the words you use and think. ‘Think’, ‘know’ and anything brain and mind related is likely ego. ‘Feel’, ‘believe’ and anything heart related will make you feel better.
(From the vast store of shizz I’ve learned in my whole long life to make life better…)

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