8 pounds of glitter

2267a045-bab9-4ddd-90ec-17bbc82a5254-originalMy mom grew up on a Missouri farm during the Post-Depression/World War II era, and brought a lot of that Scots budget wisdom into raising us.

In elementary school when other girls had pretty floral raincoats I had a sturdy yellow slicker that could be passed down to my 7 younger brothers.

I was embarrassed then, but now I wear what I want and don’t care what other think.

My nails might have 8 pounds of glitter, while my boots will never wear out and I’m wearing neoprene yoga pants as snow pants in winter and for stand up paddle boarding in warmer months!

So what brought this on? A recent epiphany. One of many I’ve had lately.

This one came when I was throwing away a coffee cup from Cafe on 1st I had picked up that day. Nice shop by the way. I asked for ‘not too hot’ yet it was too hot so I picked up a sleeve. A perfectly good sleeve that folded flat when I pulled it off the used cup.

My first reaction was to save it.

Uh huh. Save it. Use it again. Because it was still good. And a tree had given it’s life for it and all that.

For a few weeks not, I have been catching these patterns in my life. Ya know, when we do unreasonable things due to reasons we can’t explain other than we always have done them that way.

My mom grew up on a farm in the post Depression/World War II era and saved every rubberband and such. She mended clothes and resoled shoes and things I totally believe in as long as it isn’t ridiculous fear and lack based thinking in ego.

I am breaking these patterns and they come up and I notice them almost daily now. As I break them, I change my energy and am more in my heart and less in my mind, which you know is my intent if you’ve been reading this blog for awhile.

I threw the sleeve away. I was tempted to burn it, but it didn’t have any energy, so I simply threw it away.

Preparing to move I am evaluating each item for it’s value in my life. Keeping the treasures and releasing all that no longer serves my higher purpose.

Give it a go! I pinkie promise your heart will smile… I believe in you.


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