Journey Back to Active Health

Be the gatekeeper of your own destiny.

Be the gatekeeper of your own destiny.

Used to blog about this journey more and knew I should update things. People follow my blog from all over the world, especially in Latvia, which I find interesting. That is probably because my blog was featured in the book, ‘Healing at the Speed of Sound.’ Good book to learn how to heal your brain.

So I’m feeling pretty grateful and optimistic after over 12 years of dealing with this crap. I do not take my fabulous level of health for granted and I treat my body less cavalierly now! Ya know, you don’t think about wearing your knees out when you are young and running everywhere you go, jumping off of swings, out of trees and off the roof into the snow drifts. You don’t thinking about it when you are dancing, performing leaps or gymnastic stunts or diving or spiking a volleyball. But it adds up and there you are… nailed by a car accident that brings life to a screeching halt. And all you can think about is the pain.

I remember my son, Josh, telling me one day, ‘Mom, you don’t smile any more,’ and I knew I had to lick this thing. Well, I’m mostly there now. The last surgery was  nearly 2 years ago and I believe we are good now. I’ll avoid high impact sports and activities, but walking, swimming and hiking are good and I’m uber happy about that. I won’t cry about not dancing because I was lucky enough to dance my heart out for so many years. I’ll just remember the fun and accomplishment and save the knees from the abuse!


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