Focus on Love

5a4bbebe7d6d78f2be52662dcd1e296fEveryone has her or his own dreams, even if they are buried beneath some seriously heavy shizz.

I did not believe that about myself. I didn’t believe I had a dream for myself and my own life.

Each thing I thought I wanted in my life became ephemeral, illusive, strangely outside of my reach.

At some point I stopped dreaming for myself and dreamt for others I loved, instead.

Once, when someone actually asked me what I wanted in life, I said, “I help other people realize their dreams,” with a smile. Like I believed it, because I did.

The thing is, even if you aren’t sure what your dreams are, you can start somewhere. You can start by choosing to focus on one thing you can do. And that is to do whatever you do, with love. Just ponder on that for a moment.

Focus on love. Love of yourself, love for the beauty around you. Love for those in your life. Love for your life experiences. Love for your thoughts and actions throughout the day.

I’m guessing if you choose to live today focused in love, it will be a very interesting day and when repeated daily for some time, will allow your dreams to bubble up to the surface…

Try it. Let me know how it goes!


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