Burn Baby Burn!

381aa4680d55424761f76c536b260114As I’m writing this, Mercury is in Retrograde. Again. All the planets do it, yet Mercury does it a few times a year, with some interesting outcomes generally.

I have followed this phenomenon for years now. Originally, when I first learned of it, I fought it and complained and blamed wonky shizz on the planet and such.

Then I learned to embrace the challenge, to use it to my advantage. (Read: I grew up a bit.)

So in a nutshell, Mercury is the planet influencing  electronics, mechanics, communication, transportation and relationship. So the advice is do NOT purchase cars or mechanical and electric devices when Mercury is in Retrograde. Years ago I worked in an office where the fax machine quit working correctly during Mercury Retrograde, so the owner bought another one. Well that one never worked right either, so a few months or wrestling with it and the owner bought another one. In hindsight I realized he bought both machines during a Mercury Retrograde period, so I became a believer.

Well, that’s not the only reason, but it’s good enough for this post. You see, I noticed people from my past would surface, stirring up shizz that was uncomfortable. Eventually, I learned to expect and even prepare for it. I learned I could choose to handle issues differently. More correctly given a second chance and clean up the negative energy around things. I found that quite valuable and cathartic.

You could give it a shot. Odds are Mercury is in Retrograde while you are reading this, or it will be back shortly to give you extra oomph to clean up your side of the road in your old relationships, too.


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