Talk to Somebody

76d465a92b1e5f60e838c087c7be9693If there isn’t a study indicating people who stuff emotions get sick, with things like cancer, then somebody should do that study. It only makes sense.

You can’t hold things inside that need to be said or expressed in someway and not pay a harsh price eventually.

Talk to someone you trust. Someone who will keep you thoughts and feelings sacred. If you don’t know someone like that, pay a counselor. Just get things off your chest and get some relief.

You can write your story out, too. I do. I write shizz and then I often burn it…

In fact, I have a while method I use now to transform crappy energy. I write it down, then I burn it. I pour water over the ashes and then use that water to water plants. Genius. I know. Try it…


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