Calm Down There Turbo

c198bee24396cab54a302283d7bcb715You know how draining it is to be around a whiner? Eweee… People who complain all the time, never have any solutions and shoot your ideas down when you offer options, are stuck. And I do not choose to be stuck with them.

I have been through too much awful stuff in my life to suffer the energy drain from those who would rather wallow in their crap than solve a problem to move forward in life. I think of them as energy vampires. Maybe you do too.

When harsh things happen to me or to those I love, I tend to hear comments about how calm I am. I like that. They don’t assume I’m uncaring, they simply see the calm manner I handle crappy things in my path.

I didn’t come that way. It became a choice and one which has seriously stood me well through lots of life challenges. It’s something I share for those who are willing to learn.

You can do this. I believe in you…


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