Fierce Sweetie Pie

91c06c1b4d984c422d85b0bbbfccf4c9I’ve read many articles lately about how we are controlled by the media and subtly taught our opinions and such. It’s made me look back over my life to see where some of my opinions originated so I can decide if they fit me now.

I already know, without looking back, my beliefs of my childhood no longer fit. My beliefs from a couple of years ago don’t either.

Perhaps that is because I make a continuous effort to morph into the best version of myself I can be.

It may also be why I hear I’m intimidating. Anyone who believes I am intimidating could check himself. I’m a fierce sweetie pie and if this is intimidating, somebody could look at themselves to work on being the best version of himself, instead of wasting time, judging me.

Right? Yup. Be a fierce sweetie pie!


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