Getting Healthy-Perfect Probiotics

You know I post on this blog about things that work for me in my life, sharing so you too can get the benefits I have. I’ve talked about Traumatic Brain Injury, TBI, and the Listening Program from Advanced Brain Technologies and the gains I made using this program. This blog was even mentioned in the book, “Healing at the Speed of Sound” for that reason. I’ve shared stories of others on their journeys through inviting guest bloggers to sound off here, like McCall. I’ve talked about breaking up relationships and moving on with life. And therapies and foods and My Happy List and the list goes on and on. Mainly because this blog has been around for over 12 years! That’s about when blogging was invented! And I don’t want you to feel alone or that there’s not a soul who cares about you, cuz I do…

What I would like to share this month of May, 2017 are some nutritional products I use personally and highly recommend you consider and give a try.

First, let me share my criteria for recommendations. I will only recommend those products I have used for some period of time, have researched, like their company culture, high level of quality and decent price points. There is no point in recommending something no one can afford, hence you are not likely to find MLMs/direct marketing companies here, as they jack prices up so lots of people make money. By high standards of quality, it means I have met the founders/folks who work for the company, taken tours, asked the good questions and come away quite happy to put these products in my face or use them appropriately. I’ll also give you tips on where to buy them for the least impact to your budget. I’m cool that way.

And you know I’m going to recommend you do your own damn research and not just take my word for anything! Just because something works for me does not mean you will love it like I do. So get off me.

Here is the first company I’m going to share: Nature Nutraceuticals


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