One woman’s journey through the insanity, upheaval and deception to a peaceable, more correct life of health, wellness and higher path. That is the intent anyway… And, uh, the insanity is around me. I’m an observer. Really.

In my long, long life I have learned a few things worth sharing. Save you some heartache if I can.

Never buy and then use cheap tissues or toilet paper. It is clearly unpleasant. Save it for the odd guests overstaying their welcome.

Always drink very good water and in large quantities. Drinking a glass of water resolves all kinds of issues, immediate and long-term, when done consistently. I believe drinking a glass of water is pretty much a cure-all! That and exhaling…. Aaahhhhhh….

If you want to move smoothly through life, de-barnacle yourself. Scrape off the poor companions, including spouses and family members. Those who encumber us don’t need to be in our immediate space. Let go of bad habits and crappy thought patterns. Everyone is not out to get you, so breathe and give yourself a break. A positive break.

There is enough negativity in life. You don’t need to wallow in it. Smile, drink a glass of water, exhale and move on.

Stop and just breathe periodically throughout the day. Take long deep breaths and blow out all the air in your lungs. It’s healthy and calming. Don’t forget the exhaling part!

It appears to be difficult for healers to work on themselves. So it seems a grand idea to inspire healers everywhere to help each other, without tally sheets, as the whole planet needs more bringers of healing.

Sometimes you just have to speak up and be heard. Stand in your power and speak your truth. Even if you think no one is listening, you still need to speak. Here is a great saying, ‘Sometimes silence isn’t golden, it’s just plain yellah!’

Hanging out with the very young and the very old is a grand idea. Do it!

If you have 3 kids, that is a lot, but once you have 5, it doesn’t matter how many more you have! It’s a party everyday! (I have 9 kids!)

More wisdom to come…

Contact info:

Deborah Lynne States, nickname: Roxy Cross

Certified Theta Therapist, Clarity Writing Founder, Intuitive Healer, Deeksha Blessing Giver, Advanced Brain Technologies Certified Provider

roxycross@gmail.com, 831.247.8018 * roxycross.com * youtube.com/roxycrossdesigns

For intuitive readings, click here: Check the Right Sidebar for Choices.



9 Responses to About

  1. Hi, nice to meet you !

  2. I very good advise. Enjoy your insights and comments, Roxy.

  3. Shari says:

    I’m so glad i met you today. I’m really enjoying this blog spot of yours!

  4. Good stuff. So great to see you again this weekend. Wish we had more chances to talk, but hey, we’ll just have to have another one soon. Namaste. Chris

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