ABT Music

My first introduction to Advanced Brain Technologies, was their Sound Health® library. The founder, Alex Doman, gave me Maximum Focus and Relax, in one of our early meetings. Got to love social media for all the cool people you meet doing amazing things! Interesting choice of albums he chose! Like he knew me already!

Maximum Focus is still my favorite! You can listen to snippits on the website and order directly or call 801.622.5676.

I talk a lot about the benefits of listening to The Listening Program®, and the other products available through ABT are amazing too!

Here is something else I really love: Rain therapy! You can listen to it while listening to other music, too! Yesterday I listened to both Rain therapy and Concentration from the Sound Health library of ABT! I was pretty focused. Try it! Listen to something that will feed your brain what it needs! Happy Brain Awareness Week!


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