Amazing Just the Way You Are

Love ya buckets!Girl, you’re amazing just the way you are! Let me just say, I LOVE my girlfriends, wherever they are! If you know I am talking about you, sign in below!!! You make my life sweet. You remind me to be my feminine self. You share your experience, strength and hope, your pain, beliefs and your dreams. You let me into your hearts with trust. You let your kids and grandkids play with me, giving me a glimpse into our futures. You listen with open hearts to my stories of those people I gave birth to and their entourages and those little darlings they gave birth to, or you know what I mean. And that know what I mean is because, as my girlfriend, you love me anyway… warts and all. Well I don’t have any warts, maybe a few wrinkles and some sparkly silver hairs, but you know what I mean… You love me through heartbreak and tears, excitement and accomplishment, new love and transitions, batshit crazy times and deliriously joyful times. And you should know I love you back.

I love you now and always have.

Odds are I will always love you and you should know that, too.

Have the most wonderful day ever and feel loved.

Namaste’, Roxy, your BFF for-ev-errrrr….. <3<3<3


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