I heyoinked this from Facebook: McCall Erickson: Loving Life At The Edge

It’s okay to cry. I know this because I’ve felt the need for genuine, cleansing, soul-deep tears over the past few days, and I decided a long time ago that anything I feel I need to do is OKAY. Did you know you can give yourself a stamp of approval anytime you want? Yep. So whataya need to give yourself approval for today?

McCall posted this on Facebook and a whole stream of conversation began to flow. I re-posted it on my wall and the same thing happened and I started getting direct messages behind the public eye from friend’s sharing their heart-warming stories of crying. ( I highly recommend following McCall and listen to her music any time you can!)

We have to be able to let emotions go. It has to be okay to do so. We become all kinds of sick inside our bodies, minds and spirits. We have to have safe places to let it go. We have to have friends for one thing. I don’t have a great deal of faith in family to be there for us, but friends sure can be! And a great, safe place for me to share is Al Anon Family Groups, where we promise to honor the anonimity of others in our AFG.

And I don’t mind sharing here, because, judging by the responses I get publicly and privately, this helps people too.

So grab a tissue and let the hurt flow. Grab a pen and let it flow onto paper. Grab your phone and call a sympathetic ear. There is nothing we go through, so aweful there is not hope.


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