De-Barnacling to get to California

  • Happiness____by_punkshitsI call it de-barnacling. When you scrape off that which no longer serves your higher purpose you can sail through life on said higher purpose. Remove all that hinders, be that people, places, things, habits, thought patterns, relationships, jobs, homes… goes on and on… Moved to the Ogden River and just as it was nearly flooding at our place we moved to the ocean, missing the Tsunami which did kill someone in Santa Cruz CA here. This weekend, we moved from the cliff side beach house, inland less than a mile and planted flowers. Flowers in baskets and planters which can be moved!
    Done did it! My youngest, Danica and I up and moved to Santa Cruz CA and fairly quickly, too. Was compelled to do it. Got rid of furniture and a lot of ‘baggage’. Now I’m wondering why I have not lived in California all my life!

2 Responses to De-Barnacling to get to California

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