Be Inspired by your Surroundings

0cab0a02bbf3bdc6c4336fa97396c24dLook around. Where are you? What do you see where you are? Right this moment? What is beautiful and pleasing to your eye? What smells good where you are?

If you are not pleased by your surroundings, move. Go somewhere beautiful. Hit a park or a garden or at least step outside. Do you see any nature?

What about art? Is there art on your walls, your desk, within your sight?

You have to have beautiful things that please your senses around you. If not, your soul will starve.

Consider growing something beautiful that you can tend, watch it grow, bloom, bear food, something positive. Here are some ideas:

Here are some more ideas:

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Is there a Tie Between Things Quantum and Intuition?

381aa4680d55424761f76c536b260114If you truly want to learn new ways of looking at life, you must suspend your previous beliefs. If you know your beliefs no longer serve you, torch those suckers. Do not let them suck the life out of you any more.

Take a look at this page on my website: I wrote it some time ago and it’s been a private page until now. I would send it to those who asked the good questions. Now the page is live and public with the intent to stir thought, expand minds, open conversations.

You do not need to stay where you are in any facet of your current life. You do not need to stay tethered to that which no longer serves you…


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What makes you say, ‘Wow!’?

wake up and liveWhat makes you say, ‘Wow!’?

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My HOliDay wISh LiSt…

1499676_10153044931063132_4777231740022036869_nSo it’s about that Christmas in July time of year and I thought it would be good to ask myself a few questions about the holidays to get me thinking about this year.
1. What is your holiday wish for your family?
Some peace and lots of hugs and kisses from grandkids!!! And that my kids and grandkids in Asia have a fun holiday for Christmas outside of America!

2. What is your Christmas morning tradition?
I’m usually up before everyone and start yummy smelling beverages and coffee cakes and get veggies ready for  fresh  delish omelets! I turn the lights and holiday music on and wait for the fam to wake up!

12243117_172303453117893_2462174549020172852_n3. If you could ask Santa for one, completely decadent wish for yourself, what would it be?
Um. I’m gonna have to heyoink Rachael’s wish to go to Miraval!
Miraval Resort – Tucson, Arizona
A luxury spa full of all kinds of holistic goodness, voodoo doctors and outdoor experiences. My son Alex used to work there when he was in high school. He met Julia Roberts and Janet Jackson!

Spiritquest – Maui, Hawaii
Even more voodoo goodness – but in HAWAII!
SpiritQuest Maui, Hawaii swimming pool and guest cottages

or Here!

12246858_10153123249992751_2156983066878359949_n4. How do you make the holidays special without spending any money?

We used to sled and skate and build things in the snow like forts and sledding ramps and such!

5. What games did you play with your family growing up?
My brothers and I made up games and also played Monopoly for days over Christmas breaks.

6. What holiday tradition have you carried on from your own childhood?
Taunting people about what their gifts are long before I give them!

IMG_20141123_1739027. Where would you go for a Christmas-away-from-home trip?
Oooh – maybe Christmas in Ireland! Perhaps it would snow – and I have ancestral roots there!

8. What else would you ask?

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Chris Brogan on Belief Systems

chrisbrogan0815-550x550Just follow the link to more brilliance from Chris Brogan. Oh and what are you drinking right now?

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Sad Sad Bride

Why regret something I once wanted?Last night I fell asleep thinking about how important this day was to me decades ago. I thought about how happy and excited I was and eager for the morning to come when I would become Mrs. John Cross.

Then I came across a Pin for Pinterest and it got me thinking. Why should I regret something I was once very excited for and anticipated? It seems like that is something I should be able to resolve, at this point in my life.

What an excellent question. So I’ve spent the bulk of the last 24 hours pondering, considering and hoping to put a sweeter spin on a very sad, heartbreaking time for me. Because at one time, all I wanted was to be his wife.

Sad-Bride_artWe met when I was still a senior in high school and he went his way and I went mine. After 2 years of college, I came home for the summer and there he was, engaged to someone else. I remember seeing him and knowing he was with someone else and getting this sick feeling inside. I chided myself, because I had no right to have feelings for someone else’s man. I was soooo sweet back then! Well, actually, I still believe taken, means taken!

Then he showed up at my house one day, told me his engagement was off and we talked for hours. Well, actually, he talked and I listened, mesmerized. He didn’t kiss me, and treated me with respect, by keeping his hands off me and it got my attention. Ya know, innocence really is such a treasure. As a young girl I decided to ‘save’ myself for marriage and believed that purity was a gift. It was one that had no value to my future husband. (At this point, I have to say, I never would have gone down that path, had I known what I know now. I would have recognized the signs, but I didn’t then. I was naive and clueless and smitten.)

Happy Groom Sad BrideIgnore the part about the type of ceremony we had, that was not romantic at all and even scary in a few parts. But I sat with my mother and grandmother, with my fiance’ and my father across the aisle beforehand and thought my fears were my fault because, surely my parents would not want me to do something that was harmful to me. Right? Isn’t that the whole purpose of parents?

At least that’s what I thought then.

We left my parents and the private ceremony and flew to New Smyrna Beach, Florida for a one week honeymoon, as a newly married couple. And I was still excited and eager to begin married life with the man I loved and who I believed loved me!

That was January 3rd, 1076. I was a Bicentennial Bride. I believed my whole life was ahead of me and it was going to be golden…

Yah, not even close. When an innocent young woman, who is now married before god, realizes her husband would rather have his own company than hers, the devastation is horrific.

So that was a long time ago and it took me years to rebuild my self esteem, learn who I am and move along with my life. It can be done. If you are suffering in your own life, and who doesn’t have those moments, there is hope. I’m proof. Be brave little one. You got this. I believe in you.

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Journey Back to Active Health

Be the gatekeeper of your own destiny.

Be the gatekeeper of your own destiny.

Used to blog about this journey more and knew I should update things. People follow my blog from all over the world, especially in Latvia, which I find interesting. That is probably because my blog was featured in the book, ‘Healing at the Speed of Sound.’ Good book to learn how to heal your brain.

So I’m feeling pretty grateful and optimistic after over 12 years of dealing with this crap. I do not take my fabulous level of health for granted and I treat my body less cavalierly now! Ya know, you don’t think about wearing your knees out when you are young and running everywhere you go, jumping off of swings, out of trees and off the roof into the snow drifts. You don’t thinking about it when you are dancing, performing leaps or gymnastic stunts or diving or spiking a volleyball. But it adds up and there you are… nailed by a car accident that brings life to a screeching halt. And all you can think about is the pain.

I remember my son, Josh, telling me one day, ‘Mom, you don’t smile any more,’ and I knew I had to lick this thing. Well, I’m mostly there now. The last surgery was  nearly 2 years ago and I believe we are good now. I’ll avoid high impact sports and activities, but walking, swimming and hiking are good and I’m uber happy about that. I won’t cry about not dancing because I was lucky enough to dance my heart out for so many years. I’ll just remember the fun and accomplishment and save the knees from the abuse!

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8 pounds of glitter

2267a045-bab9-4ddd-90ec-17bbc82a5254-originalMy mom grew up on a Missouri farm during the Post-Depression/World War II era, and brought a lot of that Scots budget wisdom into raising us.

In elementary school when other girls had pretty floral raincoats I had a sturdy yellow slicker that could be passed down to my 7 younger brothers.

I was embarrassed then, but now I wear what I want and don’t care what other think.

My nails might have 8 pounds of glitter, while my boots will never wear out and I’m wearing neoprene yoga pants as snow pants in winter and for stand up paddle boarding in warmer months!

So what brought this on? A recent epiphany. One of many I’ve had lately.

This one came when I was throwing away a coffee cup from Cafe on 1st I had picked up that day. Nice shop by the way. I asked for ‘not too hot’ yet it was too hot so I picked up a sleeve. A perfectly good sleeve that folded flat when I pulled it off the used cup.

My first reaction was to save it.

Uh huh. Save it. Use it again. Because it was still good. And a tree had given it’s life for it and all that.

For a few weeks not, I have been catching these patterns in my life. Ya know, when we do unreasonable things due to reasons we can’t explain other than we always have done them that way.

My mom grew up on a farm in the post Depression/World War II era and saved every rubberband and such. She mended clothes and resoled shoes and things I totally believe in as long as it isn’t ridiculous fear and lack based thinking in ego.

I am breaking these patterns and they come up and I notice them almost daily now. As I break them, I change my energy and am more in my heart and less in my mind, which you know is my intent if you’ve been reading this blog for awhile.

I threw the sleeve away. I was tempted to burn it, but it didn’t have any energy, so I simply threw it away.

Preparing to move I am evaluating each item for it’s value in my life. Keeping the treasures and releasing all that no longer serves my higher purpose.

Give it a go! I pinkie promise your heart will smile… I believe in you.

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And the Worm Turns…

10698552_793161060742745_5261879801188447839_nIf you’ve been following this blog for the last few years, you know this mind and body of mine have been to hell and back more than once. In August of 2004, I was fit, trim, pretty hot and entirely cocky about it. Well I was. I’m human. But a yayhoo in a Jeep Cherokee hit me at 45 miles per hour when I was stopped at a red light. So I saved lives by blocking his vehicle from entering a busy intersection, but what that rear-end collision did to my whole body and my brain and then my emotional self and self esteem and blah blah blah is horrible. And I’ve spent years, a lot of time and money utilizing so many different therapies, surgeries and such to get me where I am today and it is time for an evaluation and fresh plan to move forward…

So let’s jump ahead to today. The main thing I am working on now is the extra pounds I’m carrying around and what got them there and how to remove them wisely, gently and permanently…

I’ve lost 44 pounds since November, when like a badass I committed to lose weight through the holidays, which I did. Did I mention I’m a badass?

The intent is to be in the best healthiest shape I’ve been in years by the end of summer. This blog post is my accountability declaration. #badassery

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Some Questions to Ask Yourself



I guarantee your ego will react to this…

Ask yourself:
Am I safe?
Am I in danger?
Do I need my ego protecting me right now?
Does my ego need to be in charge to keep me safe from harm and death?
Do I need my ego right now in my life?
Is being in ego helping me move forward with my life and what is truly important in my life right now?
Any combination of these questions will get a reaction you can feel taste touch.
The thing is the ego is critical to life preservation in circumstances we rarely face now and yet we still let it rule us. We let it rule us in times where it has no place. We do this ought of habit and patterns. Society and our culture encourage it, yet it does not serve us. At all.
Consider focusing on getting out of your mind and into your heart. What can you do that will help you lose track of time because you are so in the the moment enjoying yourself , those near and dear to you and life in general?
I understand what a challenge this is for you right now. I truly do. I also believe we met for a reason. You personally have triggered all kinds of epiphanies for me and opened my eyes to this and that. I am very grateful. You know things I didn’t know yet.
My intent is to be that for you, too. Get out of your head. For a minute. For an hour? A day. A whole weekend. Maybe for good. You won’t believe the difference in your heart and soul when you do. Your ego will fight it like crazy. Ego has to be in charge. Thank it and move on when you are ready to feel better. It will work. I promise.
Play games, hike. get out in nature, cuddle, color, something creative, relaxing food prep, soaking in a tub, tickle fights, smelling flowers, fill in the blank with things that make your liver smile…
I dare you to give living in your heart a chance!
Notice the words you use and think. ‘Think’, ‘know’ and anything brain and mind related is likely ego. ‘Feel’, ‘believe’ and anything heart related will make you feel better.
(From the vast store of shizz I’ve learned in my whole long life to make life better…)
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