Still Listening to TLP and Healing

166094_524393924273556_1438032305_nWhen I was first introduced to Advanced Brain Technologies, it was through their Sound Health® library. As a gift, their founder, Alex Doman, handed me Maximum Focus and Relax, like he knew what I needed most! I know I might not supposed to being doing this concurrently but I’m listening to The Listening Program while writing this blog post.

The benefits I have gotten is a very long list. I’ve been listening since January 2010, fairly religiously and I have experimented on myself with the program and I have had many opportunities to hear how others have used this healing program and I am helped some with their … Oh wait, I’m getting a brief shoulder massage while listening to album 3, Sensory Integration… Time Out!…

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh………… What a perfect combination! Massage and SI! I feel much better!

imagesSo where was I? Oh yah, so I have had many opportunities to help others with their use of The Listening Program and heard their success stories. With all of this experience, I have to say, I still believe every single person, household, business, school, etcetera could use this program to great effect. Who couldn’t gain from feeling better physically, mentally, emotionally? Who couldn’t use better concentration or just the ability to focus even for brief periods? Who couldn’t use better levels of health as bodies and minds heal using this program and I am not the only one who has experienced this. Not at all. TLP is used in hospitals, clinics schools, out-patient facilities and homes all over the world to great effect.

485448_458647417543717_1823870030_nI am just one healthier person because of my aggressive use of this healing program. ABT won’t call TLP a healing program but I do. After a debilitating car accident when I lost all kinds of functionality, and multiple therapies which had gotten me to a certain point, it was ABT’s The Listening Program that brought back my treasured ability to sleep through the night. I’ll let you think about that one for a second. Ahhhhhhhh… sleep. I got back my ability to use sequential numbers like phone numbers, addresses, money, credit card numbers. My nerves calmed down and I was no longer irritated by being touched even by my little girl, which was such a heart-wrenching private issue for me after my accident. Oi.

tlp_im2There is more, but I wanted to share that I still listen to TLP and other ABT products and I am still getting benefits. I can tell when something needs tweaked in me and through experience and training I know which ABT product to use. I highly recommend the training for The Listening Program, if your background is consistent with the guidelines. Otherwise, I highly recommend you get a certified ABT provider to work with you and your household. You can find someone near you, or a distance provider, like myself. You all will be as amazed as I am with the personal progress each person will make. Oh and Maximum Focus is still my favorite of the Sound Health albums! You can listen to snippets on their website and order directly or call 801.622.5676.

tlp_overview_left_06The benefits of listening to The Listening Program®, have made a difference for me with a traumatic brain injury, that are quite tangible. I have heard of and seen tremendous benefits for those with Down Syndrome, Autism, Aspergers, stroke, all kinds of post-accident injuries, mental and emotional issues and general stress. The Listening Program is still working for me, as it would for you, too! Namaste’


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