The American Red Cross


 When I had my house fire in ’98 and was homeless with my husband/children’s father and 9 kids, the Red Cross was there. When my brain was numb with shock, the Red Cross volunteer took me shopping to replace toiletries, underwear and socks for every family member. You don’t think about 11 toothbrushes, brushes and combs, shampoo, shower gel and such after a life changing event like that. It cost over $80 at the time just for those things.

The next day we got new outfits for each person.

When we found a place to rent for our whole family, we got towels and washcloths, a new bed, bedding for each person and a new table and chairs for the whole family to sit and eat together. Then we got new kitchen dishes, silverware, pots, pans, utensils and everything we needed.

By the time we were in a new place, I figure the Red Cross had donated about $10,000 worth of clothing, food, products, dishes, utensils et al. It happens everytime a family has a house fire in this country if there are enough donations. They could be vary generous with us since there aren’t many house fires in Vernal UT. 

I can’t remember the name of the lady who helped me with the Red Cross, since I lost a chunk of memory in my car accident head injury in 2004, but I’ll never forget how she made me feel and saved a bit of my sanity through that ordeal.

We were living in 2 motel rooms until we could get a new place and while there, I learned my mother died unexpectedly. In the middle of the trauma I could not leave my children, so I missed my own mother’s funeral. It is something that still bothers me today, except I did the right thing, taking care of my own children first.

Another chapter in the saga…

This time of year bring up all kinds of memories a bit disturbing. April 30th we lost everything we owned in a house fire. Within 2 weeks I had lost my mother, and of course had nothing of hers or pictures to remember her. By fall my marriage of 23 years for over for good. And that was a year of de-barnacling whether I liked it or not.


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